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Saturday, 11/29/03 - I took my mom to visit relatives in Nashville today for an annual Thanksgiving/Christmas reunion dinner. It took place in the gymnasium of my aunt's church. All went well until I demanded that the in-progress volleyball game come to a halt because it was upsetting me.

Friday, 11/28/03 - Thanksgiving was spent yesterday at a friend's house. My contribution to the festive meal was a leftover bucket of eggnog that has been sitting on my patio since last year. Hey, a quick cleaning of twigs and leaves off the surface skin of the nog and it was good to go. Everybody loved bobbing for the prize at the bottom of the bucket... a handsome clock radio.

There was a scare and a near riot when my friend brought out the traditional covered silver platter. When she lifted the lid, instead of a glistening turkey, to our horror there laid a half-eaten hot dog. Tempers flared until the jokester produced the real bird and all switchblades were returned to their protective sheaths.

Thursday, 11/27/03 - Happy Thanksgiving, and happy 4th birthday to The (almost) Daily Comment. Take a look back at how it all started.

Wednesday, 11/26/03 - Oh my word... this is beautiful... and it's a catchy little tune as well.

Tuesday, 11/25/03 - I finally ditched that giant cow intro page and replaced it with this one.

My daughter came up with this image...

I'm not quite sure what it means, but there it is.

Wednesday, 11/19/03 -

Well, well... it seems that Michael Jackson is back in trouble again concerning his obsession with young boys. My pal Brian came up with a brilliant statement when the story first broke yesterday about the search of MJ's Neverland Ranch:

"I think it has something to do with the child molestation stuff. They won't let it go. Isn't it bad enough that the man is turning colors as we speak and his nose is falling off?


What a strange character. Michael Jackson, that is... not Brian (but he's close).

If you were trying on purpose to create a comical character for a fictional story or film, you wouldn't come close to what Michael Jackson is in reality. Think about it... a scrawny black former boy group star with a falsetto voice who bleaches himself whiter than white, has had numerous plastic surgeries resulting in an otherworldly visage, thinks he is Peter Pan, lives in his own amusement park where he likes to invite little boys for sleepover pajama parties, and is a "father" to a few children of his own that he likes to cover with scarves and dangle over hotel balconies... and married Elvis's daughter.

Well,he's hit the big time now and has a warrant out for his arrest for child molestation. Oh Lord... talk about a media feeding frenzy. We're not going to hear the end of this for a long time.

Earlier this week, Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the new governor of "Kawleefohnya"...

In other news, US armed forces in Iraq continued to counterattack the terrorist element...

I think the idea well at Playboy magazine has run dry as they are now featuring pictorials of WalMart employees...

This is closer to reality...

And now, last but not least today... in the news, one of the controversial subjects of this website... Wynonna Judd (I've gotten a few hate mails from her fans concerning this page)...

Wynonna Judd gets DUI
Click here for story



Hey, I said she was scary.

Wednesday, 11/12/03 - Here's a couple of links to fun pages that were sent to me...

The Advertising Slogan Generator creates a custom advertising slogan, based upon several familiar ones, using a keyword that you provide.

The Church Sign Generator creates a photo of an outdoor church sign using your own message.

You can even use both of them together to simulate your own "cutesy" messages that we've all seen on church signs. For example...

Have fun.

Tuesday, 11/11/03 - Every Christmas season at my workplace, the goodhearted employees have a charity drive to fulfill gift wish lists of needy families. Check out the attached list of one of the families and note the last item on the 17 year old (mentally disabled) boy's list...

And no, I didn't make this up.

Friday, 11/07/03 - I've got quite a bit of catching up to do with the comments. Lately, I've been neglecting my duties because I've been spending my evenings playing an online multiplayer demo of Medal of Honor-Breakthrough...

I'll try to do better, OK?

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 44. I mentioned to my daughter that I could use a new hair brush as a gift, since mine disappeared from my bathroom. When you have kids, things disappear. My daughter responded that she would get me a "comb-over kit." I have to admit that was a good one.

Speaking of my birthday... which I was speaking of, remember?... I'd like to introduce everyone to my new best friend, Les Jones. He had some very nice things to say about my site, and his compliments and honorable mention on his blog came at a very good time to brighten up an otherwise dreary and uneventful birthday time for me. Hmmm... his name reminds of Les Brown and his Band of Renown, which, I think, was the house orchestra for the Ed Sullivan Show. But I could be wrong.

Les Jones and his Band of Unknowns. Heh, heh, heh.

Last night, I had to pick up my son from "traffic school," which was the cheapest option to a ticket he acquired back in September. Picture this: after it was over, all of the "students" getting into their cars and trying to leave at the same time. Yep, it was comical chaos as there were several near misses of cars almost backing each other and almost running over pedestrians. From my parking space, I had an excellent front row seat to this spectacle and didn't dare move an inch until they were all gone. Something tells me they didn't learn much from the evening's session.

I saw some weird things last Saturday night. As I was driving down one road, I saw a guy that had to be about 80 years old going out to his mailbox. He was dressed in some kind of police uniform and was walking with a cane. And he was armed with a revolver on a gun belt. I guess he's had some recent problems with postal delivery.

But the weirdest thing happened when I stopped to get some gas at a convenience store. As I was pumping the gas, another car pulled up to a nearby pump with that familiar sounding thumping and rattling sound of a mega sound system blaring out unintelligible "music." The driver drunkenly got out and went into the store, leaving his door open. In the front passenger seat of the car was a guy with no legs from the thighs down. I soon realized that what I first thought was rap music blasting from this vehicle was actually some kind of heavy gospel music. The double amputee, also drunk, was really into the song as he was repeatedly screaming out "TESTIFY, TESTIFY" as he slapped his stumps in rhythm to the beat. And no, I am NOT making this one up.

After months of the same thing, I FINALLY changed the "live webcam" image that is featured in the top left column of this page. It's a little overlooked detail that I constantly fail to take care of. Oops... I just slipped up there... it's supposed to be "live" so how can I change it, right? All I can say is "try, try, try to understand... I'm a magic man."

Thursday, 11/06/03 -



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