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Epilogue: The Sunsfear Crisis


18 months after escaping from a federal penitentiary and subsequently frustrating law enforcement officials in their attempts to capture him, Brian Hamby is apprehended after a lengthy siege atop the "Sunphere" in Knoxville, Tennessee. Perhaps triggered by the very unusual summer-like weather in that city, Hamby seemed to just go "freakin' nuts," said Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, who claimed to be injured during the incident, but really wasn't. Hamby's occupation of the Sunsphere drew national attention as it was the top story covered by NBC's Today Show on that fateful morning of December 22, 2000. Here, as a Wonderful World of Longmire exclusive, is the account of this epic human drama as it unfolded live on national television.

Thank the Lord it's finally over.

By the way, Hamby is now back at his post at Dear Brian, and welcomes your questions. He still a tad bitter about being back "home," so be patient with him as some of the replies may be a bit hateful. Don't take it personal.


After successfully eluding law enforcement officials across the country for just over a year, habitual petty criminal and public nuisance Brian Hamby came out of hiding to make an inexplicable appearance as a contestant on the wildly popular game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," which is televised on the ABC television network.

Hamby has had a long line of various offenses and was serving out a sentence in the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in the District of Columbia for defacing a public monument in December of 1998. In June of last year, Hamby escaped incarceration during a prison rodeo and only one trace of his whereabouts have been discovered since (see 6/25/99 notice below). His highly visible reappearance on network television after what seemed to be a successful flight from justice has baffled law enforcement authorities. Attorney General of the United States Janet Reno has been reported to have commented "Hell, we had even forgot about him until we got word that he was on the show. What kind of a damn idiot would do something like that? Huh?" See a portion of the show as it aired on Sunday, June 11,2000.


A stolen vehicle was discovered abandoned along a roadside in rural southwest Virginia. Evidence recovered shows the bullet-ridden vehicle to have been used by escaped convict Brian Hamby in his flight from law enforcement authorities following an escape during a prison rodeo (see below). For exclusive photos and more information, refer to this page.


As of 6/4/99, Brian Hamby of 'Dear Brian' has escaped from the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in the District of Columbia where he was being held pending a court appearance for defacing a public monument. He is considered not so much dangerous as he is just really annoying. Hamby escaped during a prison rodeo and was last seen headed southwest driving a black and beige bronco... a real bronco...of the bucking variety. A notice with a police sketch of Hamby's likeness has been sent to all doughnut shops, and waffle and pancake houses across the country in an effort to locate and apprehend this wanted fugitive. Please be on the lookout for Hamby and report any sightings to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or your local law enforcement agency. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend Hamby as he is a third-degree master of Tai Chi. Please refer to Hamby's rap sheet for more information. Thank you.

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