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Valentine's Day is that special day of the year when we show the ones we love just how much we care for them by presenting them with gifts or a show of affection. We at the Wonderful World of Longmire urge you to avoid these...

25 Lousy Valentine's Day Gifts


1. His & her burial plots.

2. Heart-shaped fake dog doo.

3. A drunken, underwear-clad performance of "Achy-Breaky Heart."

4. A romantic, candlelit dinner for two at the Waffle House.

5. Renewing your marriage vows aboard the Zamboni at a hockey game.

6. Misspelling your beloved's name on your latest tattoo.

7. A snake.

8. A jug of vintage Christmas egg nog.

9. A crushed box of chocolates, complete with tire skidmarks across it.

10. A snappy salute.

11. A romantic getaway to a cattle auction.

12. A heart-shaped balloon filled with nerve gas.

13. A gift certificate from Frederick's of Hoboken.

14. A heart-shaped nicotine patch.

15. A heart-shaped orthopedic seat cushion.

16. Heartworms.

17. A Christmas card.

18. Backstage passes to Wrestlemania.

19. A Valentine Post-it Note.

20. A personalized Valentine message spray-painted on an interstate overpass.

21. Bean dip.

22. A single red rose... stapled to a carton of cigarettes.

23. A heart-shaped brush fire in the backyard.

24. A restraining order.

25. A Chia-Valentine.


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