The Thrilling Adventures of DYNAMIC MAN!

Are you ready for the Incredible, Uncanny, Super-Heroic Feats of Dynamic Man? If not, take a deep breath, a short nap, or a stiff shot of the good stuff and then get ready, 'cause he's comin' at ya!

I've had this comic book for years. It was published by Super Comics in 1964. The art is bad, the writing is bad, the story is bad, and the printing is bad. But, somehow it has its own quaint, unique charm... especially with some of the odd dialogue used.

The comic book's cover at left shows Dynamic Man battling "The Little People." As you will see, this is unexplainable as it has nothing to do with the comic story inside.

So, sit back and hold on to something sturdy, preferably something metal, as Dynamic Man battles the evil Red Plague!

It's... it's.... so HORRIBLE!Go to page 1... IF YOU DARE!



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