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(Insert trumpet fanfare here)

No spitting on exhibits.
Flash photography is prohibited in the Gallery...
no reason really, we just kind of like the sound of that rule.


Let's start our tour with The King himself...

Well, I suppose every art gallery must include the standard icon of
American twentieth century art, the essential and beloved
black velvet Elvis portrait. Who am I to deny the demands of
His vast army of devoted fans? So, here it tis... thankyouverymuch.

Next up is another American classic. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you guessed it...
Dogs Playing Poker.

This is just one of a series of illustrations of dog playing poker.
What sort of reasoning went into the creation of this masterpiece?
Did the artist wake up one morning (or afternoon)
in a sudden burst of genius and declare:
"Today I shall paint dogs playing poker."


Did some savvy business entepreneur come up with the idea and pitch it
to a group of investors to put up money up front to have it produced...
"you see, it's a picture of a poker game in
progress, and get this.... all the players... are you ready for this....
all the players are DOGS!"

And this statement was greeted either with blank stares and
cigars dropping out of mouths or exclamations of
"Brilliant!... Count me in!... How much do you need?"

Obviously it was seen as a good idea by someone
becausewe today are blessed with its splendor.

Above is an excerpt from Neil Armstrong's autobiography,
"One Giant Leap for Me - Neil Armstrong!"
Don't believe what you read from so-called "history" books.
This is what really happened... trust me.

This is my favorite photo of my son
taken when he was about 5 years old.
No, he isn't one of those Village of the Damned kids,
it's just a pair of gag glasses he's wearing.

Spine-tingling just the same, isn't it?

This is the strangest photograph ever taken by Mankind.
For your own personal safety,
please do not look at it for too long.

OK, fair is fair. My daughter saw that I had put
her brother's picture on this page and asked... no, demanded
that I put something of hers here. So, the little wiseacre
came up with this drawing of me.

She thinks she's soooo smart...

OK, let me explain this to some of you who don't
know what the heck the above is about. There is a fast-food
franchise here in the South called Krystal. Their specialty is a
square mini-hamburger surprisingly also called a Krystal.
A past "Listen to the Krystal" TV ad campaign
featured a floating hamburger that appeared out of thin air
and put subliminal thoughts into people's minds to tempt
them to do bad and/or questionable things, kind of like
the traditional little guy in a red devil suit perched on
someone's shoulder. Get it? The little burger talked Oswald
into whacking JFK... see, a little burger is responsible for...
hey, work with me here...oh, forget it.

Seemed funny at the time.

Here's a logo I designed a few years back for a fellow in Australia
who had a website devoted entirely to tracking and monitoring people
with mullet haircuts. I actually saw this logo stolen and used on another
similar site. Shoud I be flattered or mad?

   Hurry back and visit us again!
There's more coming to the gallery soon . . .
(and we promise to get the air conditioning in the restrooms fixed)


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