The following images are actual puzzles solved by contestants on The Wheel of Fortune before a live studio audience. After taping, due to threatening lawsuits filed by contestants and audience members, sueing on grounds of mental anguish and cruelty, and objections made by the show's advertising sponsors, these puzzle segments never aired. Additionally, the apparently disgruntled writer responsible was immediately fired as well as other toubled staff involved with the creation of these ill-conceived puzzles.Without further ado, The Wonderful World of Longmire proudly presents...

















Although not offensive, after a 2 hour attempt by the contestants, this puzzle proved to be unsolvable. It really pissed them off... big time.









Got something funny, something wicked and evil that you'd like to see as a Wheel of Fortune puzzle? Please send me your idea! I'll put it on the page and credit you with it if you desire! C'mon... It'll be fun!

You can judge by the graphics above as to what length it should be.


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