Dear readers: Some of my best or worst material (depending on your taste in humor) originates unexpectedly from e-mail banter at work. It usually happens on Fridays and long afternoons when, I guess, my coworkers and I unwind a bit. For a few years, I have saved a lot of it, in case I could use it later. Most of the e-mails during the day only go so far as a few little give-and-take exchanges, but some evolve into really absurd essays. The following e-mail exchanges are such examples. I like to call this ...

The Wonderful World of Longmire's E-Mail Extravaganza
real E-mail by real (stupid) people


NEW! Join The RUSH!


NEW! Turn Off Your Heartlight


Slippery Lesbians


Tom Cruise Kills Oprah


Read It and Weep


Brian's Needs


Game Ball




A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place


Go Big Orange Paint


The Waltons Go To Gilligan's Island


Valentine Bears and a Warm Fuzzy


Big Fat Liar


No Subject
(this one didn't make any sense at all)


Faulty Bowel Control is Not a Joking Matter


Jihad on You!


Employee of the Month




Two Lesbians and Andy Gibb Unplugged


Boats, Massages, and Shut Ups


Story Time


Mayonnaise Head


Almost Work-Related


Go For The Gold


Panty Liners


Christmas Lights


Susan Said That She Hated You


The Refrigerator and the Stupid Whale Joke


Questions and Answers


The Waitress of the Evening, The Condom Dispenser,
Tums, New Glasses, and The Power of Zyrtec


The Missing Elvi


The Church of the Living Leg




Princess Diana and the Shriners


What About My Needs?


I'm Only One Person


Area Code Change




The Pansy Wagon




What a Day!




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