From the Chicago Sun-Times, May 7, 1991



Grocer, customer
dispute over
coupon results in

UPI Wire Service

AUSTIN, Texas -A disagreement over the expiration date of a food manufacturer's coupon turned disasterous when a disgruntled customer expressed his dissatisfaction with the manager of a small supermarket.

According to a police spokesperson, the customer, Brian Hamby, entered a Lo-Mart supermarket at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday with the intent to purchase a jar of Planter's Honey-Roasted Peanuts. At checkout, Hamby presented the cashier with a coupon for 25¢ off the purchase. The expiration date on the coupon was that day. The cashier maintained that the coupon had expired. Hamby insisted that the coupon was good for that day and expires the following day.

The manager was called into the discussion and tempers started to flare to the point of Hamby yelling "You don't know who you're dealing with, do you?" Hamby was hurrily escorted out of the store by two grocery bagboys. Minutes later, a grocery cart filled with explosives crashed through the front window of the store and ignited next to a stacked display, resulting in a blinding explosion and a cascading shower of baked beans.

Witnesses then saw Hamby peering through the broken window exhibiting a series of obscene hand and body gestures.

The manager of the store, Johnny Ray Thomas, was slightly injured with burns to his groin area.

Hamby was arrested 2 hours later at a local doughnut shop filled with off-duty FBI agents where he was boasting of the bombing to a waitress. Hamby is being held without bail pending a court appearance.