I've considered Planet of the Apes to be my favorite film since I saw its original release as a kid. The following parody is my homage to this classic. I hope you enjoy it. So, click on the title at right (or the chapters below) and jump right into the hot ape action...

Part 1.
Crash Landing

Part 2.
Strange New World

Part 3.

Part 4.
Welcome to Ape City

Part 5.
My Name is Taylor, Dammit!

Part 6.
The Monkey Trial

Part 7.
Dr. Z's Rap Session

Part 8.
Escape From the City of the Apes

More to come soon!

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I'm home... all the time it was... YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! Ahhhhhh... (you know the rest)


Take your stinkin' paws
off me, you
damn dirty APE!

This parody ©2003 Mark Longmire/The Wonderful World of Longmire