The Wonderful World of Longmire's Ape Links

The Last Flight of the Icarus
Christopher Shield's definitive site concerning the Icarus, the spacecraft featured in Planet of the Apes. Lots of very interesting stuff here... have a big, refreshing glass of Tang and enjoy.

Planet of the Apes International Fan Club
Just what the name implies. Coming soon, I suppose: The Planet of the Apes International House of Pancakes.

Planet of the Apes Classic Fan Site
A very nice done site with lots of info. No pictures of naked women, though.

Planet of the Apes - The Forbidden Zone
Don't let the name mislead you. It's not really forbidden. You can go to this site anytime you like and not feel naughty.

Mark Crawley's Planet of the Apes pages
Design-wise, this is a bare-bones site, but has lots of information and links.

Find A Grave - Planet of the Apes actors
OK, this is kind of weird... this page has locations of graves and death dates of POTA actors who have passed away.

Spleenworld's Planet of the Apes site
This site hasn't been updated in a couple of years... but who needs updates anyway to a movie that's over 30 years old?

and last but not least...

The official website for the New Planet of the Apes film
Yes, the new movie is coming in July. If you use a modem to access the Internet, you better have a Flash player and some patience handy to view this site. This site provides a good look at the upcoming POTA film by Tim Burton. From the look of the lengthy trailer film, it's a lot different from the original and has a medieval look to say the least.

(hey, I know this is a short list, but there's more to come soon!)







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