He's Stone Cold Steve Austin's biggest fan!


An adorable all-porcelain collector doll dressed as the WWF Superstar.

Stone Cold Steve Austin™ is one of the biggest stars in World Wrestling Federation® history. When he steps through the ring ropes, there's no denying he's tougher than the leather of his trademark vest! (funny... that's what they used to say about me.)

Now, the Danbury Mint is proud to present Little Stone Cold, a porcelain collector doll with all the famous "Attitude" of his outlaw hero.


Officially authorized by the World Wrestling Federation®.

Officially authorized by the World Wrestling Federation (well, that's a relief. I would hate to see any unauthorized manufacturers out there selling unprofessional-looking pieces of crap based on really bad ideas), Little Stone Cold is a Danbury Mint exclusive. His hand-tailored, black faux-leather vest is a copy of "Stone Cold's" vest, and atop his head is a baseball cap decorated with a skull (charming) and the words "Stone Cold." For the final touch, he proudly holds a replica of Austin's personally-designed Championship belt. Sculpted from head to toe of (a waste of) fine porcelain, Little Stone Cold captures his hero's blued-eyed stare to perfection (there's no more perfect thing in life than a staring baby). Skillful hand painting brings lifelike realism to the doll's features (yeah, it sure looks real to me).


Attractively priced; satisfaction guaranteed.

Little Stone Cold is available for the attractive price of only $110, payable in four convenient monthly installments of $27.50 (plus a total of $10 for shipping and handling) (you might have to miss a trailer payment to pay for it. Don't worry, you can make up the money from selling some of your NASCAR crap.)

The popularity of the World Wrestling Federation is sure to create great demand (from other stupid rednecks like yourself), so return your Reservation Application today! And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!